Quality Control

led-aging-machine led-testing-equipment temperature-tester
LED Aging Machine LED Testing Equipment Temperature Tester
parameter-test-equipment insulation-testing  integrating-sphere
Parameter Test Equipment Insulation Testing Integrating Sphere

led-spotlight-aging-test led-spotlight-aging-test-2 led-bulb-aging-test
LED Spotlight LED Spotlight LED Bulb Light
led-panel-light-aging-test led-R7S-light-aging-test led-G24-light-aging-test-2
LED Panel Light LED R7S Light LED G24 Light
led-downlight-aging-test led-tube-light-aging-test led-high-bay-light-aging-test
LED Down Light LED Tube Light  LED High Bay Light
led-flood-light-aging-test led-warehouse-light-aging-test led-grow-light-aging-test
LED Flood Light LED Warehouse Light LED Grow Light

All of our products are passed aging test for 48  hours before shippment.


◆  Quality Testing


To control the quality before delivery, our manufacturing base equipped  advanced quality testing machines like integraing sphere, reflow  soldering machine etc.

These machines enable us to finish linear  spectrum & luminous flux testing. And we also have a QC team to assure the good quality.

All of our products are passed aging test for 48  hours before shippment.

◆  Our Standard 

No substandard material in production;

No substandard article in production process;

No failed components in assembling;

No unqualified product in our stock.

Promptly discovering disorder and rapid handling to prevent more lost.

◆ QC Processing

We strictly carry out ISO9001 quality control system step by step:

1. IQC

We evaluate rigorously about the qualifications of all raw material suppliers. We inspect 100% important parts and at random for general components. Only qualified material could be used in production.


All employees have been professionally trained about the production skills. Product would be inspected by our production employee first, then every processing lines would mutually inspect it and the workshop and QC department would make the final inspection.

3. FQC

After full inspection on production lines, the QC department would inspect every batch of complete product at random. Only qualified product could be packaged and delivered to customer.