WONDERFUL® SMD3528 120LEDs/M DC12V IP20 Non-waterproof LED Strip Flexible Light

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Products features:

1). High brightness Taiwan Epistar smd3528 led chip with 6~7lm/led(9-10lm/LED); smd5050 led chip with18-20lm/led…etc

2). High CRI: > 75Ra

3). Viewing angle: 120 degrees, Voltage: 12VDC standard, 24VDC available

4). Various colors including white/ nature white/ warm white/ red/ green/ blue/ yellow/ purple

5). IP20 non waterproof indoor, IP65.IP67,IP68 waterproof outdoor available

6). 3M backside or clips for easy installation

7). smd3528:30leds/m (2.4w/m), 60leds/m (4.8w/m), 120leds/m (9.6w/m), 5m/roll

     smd5050: 30leds/m (7.2w/m), 60leds/m (14.4w/m)

8). Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant

9). 2 years warranty


SMD LED strip:


item no SMD 3528 LED strip SMD 5050 LED strip SMD 3014 LED strip 5630 led strip
Input Voltage DC12V/24V DC12V/24V DC12V/24V DC12V/24V
LED STRIP chips EPIstar EPIstar EPIstar EPIstar / Samsung
LED lightQty(M) 30/60/120leds 30/60eds 120leds 30/60leds
Luminous Flux  6-7LM/LED, 9-10lm/LED 18-20LM/LED 12LM/LED 55-60lm/led
Beam Angle 120 120 120 120
Lumen attenuation Less than 2‰ after 2000 hours Less than 2‰ after 2000 hours Less than 2‰ after 2000 hours Less than 2‰ after 2000 hours
Work Temperature -20 ~ +60 °C -20 ~ +60 °C -20 ~ +60 °C -20 ~ +60 °C
Certificates CE & Rohs CE & Rohs CE & Rohs CE & Rohs
Size 8MM/10MM*5000MM 10MM*5000MM 10MM*5000MM 10MM*5000MM
line one line one  line oneline one line
Color Temperature Red / Blue / Green / Yellow / Warm white / Cool White/RGB


3528 led strip:epistar 6-7lm per led, 2 years warranty ,30leds/m, 60leds/m,120leds/m availabble


5050 led strip:epistar 18-20lm per led, 3 years warranty ,30leds/m,60leds/m available
5630 led strip:samsung/seoul chip,55~60lm per led,CRI>87Ra, 2years warranty, 30leds/m,60leds/m available


LED strip brightness are as below:

3528 30leds<3528 60leds<5050 30leds<3528 120leds<5630 30leds<5050 60leds<5630 60leds
IP ranking: 

IP20 Nonwaterproof

IP67 Waterproof A: Epoxy gel +”u” PC tube 

IP65 Waterproof B: Silicon tube (removeable)

IP65 Waterproof C: Dropping Epoxy gel

IP68 Waterproof D: Silicon gel injected

smd3528-120ledsm-dc12v-ip20-non-waterproof-led-strip-flexible-light-7 smd3528-120ledsm-dc12v-ip20-non-waterproof-led-strip-flexible-light-5smd3528-120ledsm-dc12v-ip20-non-waterproof-led-strip-flexible-light-4smd3528-120ledsm-dc12v-ip20-non-waterproof-led-strip-flexible-light-6

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