WONDERFUL® DC12V SMD2835 120LEDs White/Warm White Flexible LED Strip light


Strip 2835 smd led light with 12v 24v 120leds/m 2835 smd led specifications for hotel comercial lighting


Dear Customers : 

     We are led manufacturer and offer High quality led strip light ,

with 5050 3528 3014 2835 5730 SMD smd led light 2835 smd led strip light

Big quality offer to Britain , Germany, Italy , Spain , France so on Europe market 

also  to United States, Canada,Mexico, Americas country .. 

     We always keep more then tens thousands meters of the FPCB in stock , 

Professional production, Faster delivery ,  also we make customized, 

     Welcome to contact us for more information !!


High quality LED strip light led strip 24v 12v led lights

DC12V 24V,2835 SMD,60leds/m 120led/m 240leds/m led strip with 3 year warrenty

Name :  2835 led strip light 

SMD :  2835 Epistar 0.2W 24-26lm  

Color :  WW/NW/PW/CW/R/G/B

Voltage :  DC12V, DC24V Options 

LEDs/m :  60leds/m, 120leds/m 240leds/m Options

Power :  12W/M, 24W/M,  30W/M Options 

IP Rank :   IP30, IP65, IP67, IP68 Options 

Packing :  5M/Reel , 10M/Reel , 20M/Reel, 30M/Reel Options

dc12v-smd2835-120leds-whitewarm-white-flexible-led-strip-light-2 dc12v-smd2835-120leds-whitewarm-white-flexible-led-strip-light-3 dc12v-smd2835-120leds-whitewarm-white-flexible-led-strip-light-4 dc12v-smd2835-120leds-whitewarm-white-flexible-led-strip-light-5 dc12v-smd2835-120leds-whitewarm-white-flexible-led-strip-light-6 dc12v-smd2835-120leds-whitewarm-white-flexible-led-strip-light-7

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