Square LED Panel Light List

Model NO Size Power Lumens Efficiency LEDs Remark
 1*1ft PS20 295*295*9.5mm 20-22W 3000K 1400lm 70lm/w SMD3014 side light  emitting
6000K 1600lm 80lm/w
 2*2ft PS40A 595*595*9.5mm 40-42W 3000K 3000lm 75lm/w  SMD3014 side light  emitting
6000K 3400lm 85lm/w
1*4ft PS42B 295x1195x9.5mm 40-42W 3000K 3200lm 80lm/w SMD3014 side light  emitting
6000K 3400lm 85lm/w
2*4ft PS80 595×1195*9.5mm 80~84W 3000K 5000lm 63lm/w SMD3014 side light  emitting
6000K 5500lm 69lm/w
3*3” PS6 100*100*29mm 6W 3000K 310lm 52lm/w SMD3014 side light  emitting
6000K 350lm 58lm/w


◎ Commercial lighting, environmentally friendly lighting, warehouse , supermarket and home illumination.
◎ IT, call centers, shopping malls and Exhibition Hall, art gallery, the hospital hotel and other public places.
◎ Exhibition Hall, art galleries, museums, offices, reading-room, corridor, staircase lighting,such as contour range


Installing procedure:

Step1: Punch 5 holes in the ceiling
Step2: Punch the “Plug”into hole
Step3: Lock-in the base to Plug hole with “self tapping screw”
Step4: Screw the fast connect into the base
Step5: Fix the base on the ceiling surface
Step6: Draw the “Input power wire ”from wire entry then connect with terminal
Step7: Fix the base main part and base plate with screws
Step8: Finish

Note of led panel light:

1.Rip off the Pellicle after you finish the installation.To assure cleanly of lighting side.
2.Debugging the LED panel light after installation first.Then put it on .
3.Only fixation and maintainance by professional technical person.


About Specification and light sources of led panel light
Friends, our current led panel light can classified by SMD LED light sources: 3528 led panel light、3535 led panel light 、 5630 led panel light. According to the specification can be divided: 300x300mm led panel lamp、300x600mm led panel lamp、300x1200mm led panel lamp、595x595mm led panel lamp、600x600mm led panel lamp. You can choose any one kinds of light sources and size combined you satisfied products, we have been successful test, and can be safe use.