Round LED Panel Lights List

Round LED Panel Lights 

Model NO. Size Cutout Power Lumens Efficiency LEDs Remark
4” RP10 Φ140*77mm  125mm 10W 3000K 750lm 75lm/w Osram/Samsung  5630 backlight
6000K 900lm 90lm/w
6” RP18 Φ190*78mm 172mm 18W 3000K 1200lm 67lm/w Osram/Samsung  5630 backlight
6000K 1500lm 84lm/w
8” RP26 Φ230*87mm 205mm 26W 3000K 1750lm 67lm/w Osram/Samsung  5630 backlight
6000K 1900lm 73lm/w
2.5” RP6 Φ100*32mm 90mm 6W 3000K 300lm 50lm/w SMD3528 side light  emitting
6000K 350lm 58lm/w
4.5” RP8 Φ160*34mm 140mm 8W 3000K 520lm 65lm/w SMD3528 side light  emitting
6000K 560lm 70lm/w
5” RP7 Φ180*18mm 165mm 7W 3000K 500lm 71lm/w SMD3528 side light  emitting
6000K 550lm 79lm/w
5.5” RP10 Φ200*18mm 180mm 10W 3000K 700lm 70lm/w SMD3528 side light  emitting
6000K 750lm 75lm/w
7.5” RP14 Φ240*18mm 225mm 14W 3000K 900lm 64lm/w  SMD3528 side light  emitting


luminous efficacy >75lm/W;
Light source: low power SMD LEDs (placed in the edge of the plate)
Quick response when power on , no noise, no UV, no strobe light;
Adpot own-designed LED driver with high power factort;
Low luminous decay, Quick response when power on, long lifespan, no noise, no UV, no strobe light, no pollution;
Color: Single color,bi-colour, RGB; (various colors available)
Input Voltage:AC100V~240V available
Color temperature: 5500K-7000K( Optional, according to your requirement )
Ambient temperature: -30℃~70℃
Lifetime: ≥100,000hrs
Beam angle: 120°
Installation: Convenient and efficient, push-in type .
※Certificate: CCC, RoHS approved, with 2 years quality warranty.


◎ Commercial lighting, environmentally friendly lighting, warehouse , supermarket and home illumination.
◎ IT, call centers, shopping malls and Exhibition Hall, art gallery, the hospital hotel and other public places.
◎ Exhibition Hall, art galleries, museums, offices, reading-room, corridor, staircase lighting,such as contour range

1、When installation LED panel light, try to avoid the minefields, strong magnetic field and high-pressure region.
2、Ensuring a solid connection correctly in order to avoid short-circuit damage to components and trigger fires.
3、Installed in a well-ventilated place to ensure appropriate environmental temperature.
4、Using the led panel light, please check the local voltage compliance product requirements.
5、To prohibit the live wiring, check to confirm wiring is correct, check the no short-circuit, and then power!
6、In case of failures, do not maintenance in private.