FAQ for RUYI LED Downlights

Wonderful is professional in LED PANEL LIGHT and LED DOWNLIGHT, here I list some frequent questions and answers about our LED DOWNLIGHT. I think it will be helpful for your understanding about our LED DOWNLIGHT.

1. What the size of LED DOWNLIGHT we have.
4inch (diameter 148mm, cutting size 110mm) , 6inch (diameter 200mm, cutting size 165mm) and 8inch (diameter 224mm, cutting size 200mm).

2. What wattage of LED DOWNLIGHT we can offer.
4inch: 6watts (led qty 60pcs) 12watts (led qty 120pcs)
6inch 10watts (led qty 96pcs) 12watts (led qty 120pcs) 18watts (led qty 180pcs) 24watts (led qty234pcs)
8inch 15watts (led qty 150pcs), 18watts (led qty180pcs) 24watts (led qty 234pcs) 30watts (led qty 288pcs) 36watts (led qty 360pcs)

3. Can your LED DOWNLIGHT be dimmable?
PWM dimmable : with remote controller,
A. One controller control 1pc LED DOWNLIGHT
B. One controller control serval pieces LED DOWNLIGHT
C. One controller control 4 groups, and each groups with the quantity of LED DOWNLIGHT you need.
Triac Dimmable: a switch on the wall.

4. How about the color temperature?
From 2700k to 7000K, you have a wide range to choose, different application use the different color temperature.

5. What kind of application of the LED DOWNLIGHT?
LED DOWNLIGNT are mainly used in Hotels, Shopping mall, Health Units, Restaurants, Educational institutions, There are lots more commercial application zones for LED DOWNLIGHTS, the list is simply endless.

6. How is the warranty of LED DOWNLIGHT?
We offer 3 years warranty, and special after sale service for more than 3 years.

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For more information regarding our led downlights, please contact us at info@wonderful-led.com