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A60/A19 E27 4W/6W LED Filament Bulbs

A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_1 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_11 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_10 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_9 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_8 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_7 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_6 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_5 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_4 A60_LED_Filament_Bulbs_A19_E27_3


New Wonderful LED filament A19/A60 bulbs feature the latest technology to provide realistic light output that mimics an incandescent. Using just 4 watts, this LED bulb can produce enough light to match a 40 watt incandescent bulb while maintaining the traditional incandescent light pattern and color.


  • Filament LED for a Traditional Look and Feel
  • Super Lightweight Just 2.4 Ounces!
  • High lumens Light Output
  • Smooth Dimming
  • 15,000 Hour Life
  • Damp Location Rated