6 Modules 300W LED Tunnel Light WF-TL-B300

LED-Tunnel-Light-50W LED-Tunnel-Light-100W LED-Tunnel-Light-150W LED-Tunnel-Light-200W LED-Tunnel-Light-250W LED-Tunnel-Light-300W


● Perfect 3-D heat dissipation design ensures a better and longer lifetime with cross ventilation system and elegant thermal structures.

● Wholly IP67 waterproof. With silicon rubber sealing and waterproof connect, the lamp can have a better challenge of a wicked and dreadful outdoor weather conditions.

● Angle adjusted. Multiple choices for you to adjust whatever degrees of you wish.

● Light weight and easy to assemble. Normally one time lighter than that of others.



● Tunnels.

● Tennis court, football field or stadium.

● Decorative lighting or projection lighting.

● Construction areas or ads (billboards)



Sku Power Voltage LED Number/Type Lumen Efficiency Lumens Color Temperature Lifespan PF CRI Beam Angle IP Size Net Weight
WF-TL-B50 50w 85-265V 56pcs/3030 110lm/w 5500lm 2700-6000K 50000hrs >0.98 >80 90° 65 334*258mm 2.12kg
WF-TL-B100 100w 85-265V 112pcs/3030 110lm/w 11000lm 2700-6000K 50000hrs >0.98 >80 90° 65 423*258mm 2.93kg
WF-TL-B150 150w 85-265V 168pcs/3030 110lm/w 16500lm 2700-6000K 50000hrs >0.98 >80 90° 65 423*258mm 3.45kg
WF-TL-B200 200w 85-265V 224pcs/3030 110lm/w 22000lm 2700-6000K 50000hrs >0.98 >80 90° 65 512*258mm 4.5kg
WF-TL-B250 250w 85-265V 280pcs/3030 110lm/w 27500lm 2700-6000K 50000hrs >0.98 >80 90° 65 601*258mm 5.05kg
WF-TL-B300 300w 85-265V 336pcs/3030 110lm/w 33000lm 2700-6000K 50000hrs >0.98 >80 90° 65 690*258mm 5.8kg

LED-Tunnel-Light-baozhuang- LED-Tunnel-Light-chanping-t LED-Tunnel-Light-dianqichan LED-Tunnel-Light-zhineng-xu 2-modular-IP65-LED-Tunnel-light 3-modular-IP65-LED-Tunnel-light 4-modular-IP65-LED-Tunnel-light 5-modular-IP65-LED-Tunnel-light 5-modular-IP65-LED-Tunnel-light-2 5-modular-IP65-LED-Tunnel-light-3 5-modular-IP65-LED-Tunnel-light-4