2W C35 E14 LED Filament Candle Light

2W-C35-E14-led-filamnet-candle-light-1 2W-C35-E14-led-filamnet-candle-light-2 2W-C35-E14-led-filamnet-candle-light-3 2W-C35-E14-led-filamnet-candle-light-4

1.360 degree full light beam angle Led Filament Lamp, high lumens
2.Environmental friendly Led Filament Lamp, no mercury content
3. Designed according to traditional halogen lamps.
4. Instant start LED Filament lamps, no delay and flickers.
5. Ra>80, >110LM/W, energy saving LED Filamet Lamp
6. IC Driver LED Filament Lamp, constant current, safety guaranteed
7. More than 25,000hrs life time
8. Passed CE, RoHS, ERP, SAA certification.


Electrical data

Rated wattage 1.8W±0.2
Nominal voltage 180-240V
Operating frequency 50/60Hz
Power factor 0.5
Claimed equiv. conventional lamp power 20W


Photometrical data

Nominal luminous flux 230-250
Color temperature 2700K
Light color as per EN 12464-1 Warm White
Standard deviation of color matching ≤5.0sdcm



Overall length 98.0mm
Diameter 35.0mm
Commercial Type C35

Life span

Nominal lamp life time 25,000hrs


Additional product data

Energy efficiency class A++
Beam angle 360°


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